Friday, March 06, 2009

Too Busy Living

Here's an indicator as to why I'm too busy living at the moment to post regularly. This is what a new Student posted to my qq e-mail address:

Dear kevin,
I am so excited
that you did not refuse to add me to your friends's file.
My name is Brave lee, but I was
not brave at all. I am now study at the east part of the Art and Science
University , It would take me nearly half an hour to get to the west part,
but I believe that I will get something more or less if I try my best in your
I used to be a lonely man.
I am too shy to talk to others, especial for girls. Because I have no
strongpoint, and I do poorly in my grade. I am not handsome, and I can not
even play any of the popular sport well.
I acted as if I were cool, and I
would never greet a person unless he or she call me first, because
it would be so embarass when I call a person and he don't feel like to rap
to me , it almost the worst thing for me . I smoke when I was depressed and in
despair, that's maybe the reason why I seemed not so friendly as I really was.
To tell the truth, its not right to smoke for this age, at least I think
My college life is not so colorful
as expected. Not all the students are so friendly, and a lot of them are waste
of their time here. They play the online games all the time and always skip
classes for them. When asked what they want to be in the future or what
they have learnt this year, they don't know how to answer. Prehaps they just try
to escape reality through the games. If the reality was not so cruelty, there
would not be so many people abandon themselves to the online
I ask my self again and again,
am I too rigorous to my classmates , my friends, my relatives and myself?
Unfortunately, the answer hadn't been clear untill I read a book about
psychological. And then, only then, I beginned to be on to my own
No body is perfect, and I also have a
lot of disadvantages, and this is why the world is so colorful and so attactive.
So I start to persaude myself to adapt it , to love it. It's not a easy
job for me at first, but I feel the others are better for me than I
expected bit by bit. The world is more beatiful when I wake up in the
Now I think I am brave enough
to greet the others , including girls. Of course, I am not so popular and there
are still some pepole don't feel like to talk to me. But I meet a lot new
friends in this way, what makes me much more happy than
I decided to take part in your
class when I heard my English teacher mention it. I think it is a chance to
improve my speaking skill and make friends. My first new friend is LiWenjun, he
is a sunny boy. And we have been partner for twice, and I will be his partner
whenever he want.
Last night in
your class, I met a beautiful girl , she is not study in our college and
she was late for class too.She is new here and she hadn't got a book. I
asked her what her name is and if she mind to sit beside me so that we can
read my book together. She agreed and came to sit with me . She told me where
she came from and asked me some questions. But I can't remeber her name now,
.......I didn't ask her number because I don't think it polite to ask a stranger
her number.
Next week I will make a
speech in your class, so I have to spent an hour or more to prepare it .
By the way , your teaching skill is wonderful and it is really a
feast to listen to it. I want to make friends with you, not only because
you are a foreigner, but also because I admire the people who go far away from
home to realize their dreams. They overcome all the dificulties, and they made
their dreams come true in the end. These moving stories only happens in the
movie in the past, but now I know you are one of them.
I hope one day, your dream will come true
and you will be famous. Whenever you feel down , or something
happens to you, just think that you are very success now,
and be confident . A lot of your students and your friend are ready to help you.
And if someone said something bad to you, forget it , they just don't kown your
feelings and just treat them as silly birds .

And one day , my dream will also come true . I

love from Brave Lee

Here is my reply

Wow, that's beautiful. I really don't know what to say. You say my teaching skills are wonderful. Actually, I have had many days, and I still have days when I don't know what to say or do in the classroom. Growing as a person and improving at your job always means working hard and learning from your own mistakes.
I never look, and I don't care what my Students' grades are. People are important, their grades are not.

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