Monday, March 23, 2009

Not That You Care

But here are some fractionally less dodgy recordings of my newest Chinese songs:

There'll be a post with some controversy or some saucy details about life here soon, I promise.

Hey! We're born in order to feel
It's just the nature of mammal creatures.

Ah! Lay your head on my emaciated chest
We're all gonna end up being swallowed by the earth.

The earth may silently disappear,
Why don't you stand up and be counted?

Hoo! I'm just a monster of egotism
But I don't fail to make you sigh

Oh! You shouldn't tolerate the forceful behaviour of other lovers
But you're running out of time to choose me

Please tell me exactly what human history is?
It's just one fucking thing after another

If you are to get buried under the flagrant flowers
First at least take the opportunity to overcome your fears

Unn! The Universe doesn't care about us
This news may liberate you lover

Treat Me As One of Your Own

Several life-times ago
On the mud-covered road
I went from door to window
Seeking the help of strangers.
She came and held my weary head
She said "forget your misery"
Then treat me as one of your own
treat me as one of your own

I was the earth's enemy
Under a murky sky on a dark earth
Everybody refused to act.
She also didn't express her thoughts
She didn't consider herself or God,
All she did was fill me with peace
Then laid down her life for me
laid down her life for me


Swan, far away from home, will you ever return to where you belong?
Your Golden head and your tiny legs
are both unattainably beautiful.

At home, your potential is unfulfilled, you still want to go and change the world
The problems of our times all arise from a shortage of time
to daydream whilst scratching ourselves.

And your pitiful crying eyes,
I may never have to see again.
Optimism isn't really a virtue,
The cruel thing to do would be to comfort you.

Swan, all full of yourself. Fooled into thinking you're mature beyond your years.
Prepare for war in times of peace, your youth is already wasted
Don't spend more time dreaming.

The songs you sing are soul-stirring, I'd lay down my life for you,
The beliefs you have are like your closest friends,
As plastic as anything.

Go swimming on the street where you belong
Believing in you empties my soul of happiness
Your dreams are absolutely not satisfactory
The purpose of adult-life is actually just to survive.

I wait forever, waiting at home
You're really like the wind, the dirty dirty wind.


Thomas Slash said...

Can you record Anarchy in the UK in Chinese? It will blow their minds.

Kevin said...

There is no recorded history of music with hair around its knackers having success in China.