Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back to Blogging

I've been in China for almost a year now and as with anywhere, there are interesting things, desirable things, irritating things and mysterious things, but the past year has mostly been unbloggable.

This might well change very soon though. I'm going (for three months) to work in a Middle School on the outskirts of Heyuan, a 2h30min train ride to the North.

There, the experience of Chinese culture will be far closer to grassroots level for several reasons:

1. It's a boarding school and I'll be living on campus.
2. I have reason to believe that I'll be the only foreigner living in the district.
3. It's a public school so I won't exclusively be teaching rich kids
4. There isn't a line of protection between me and the real opinions of the kids/parents, and nights out with the parents will be part of the deal.
5. The places I go for brief sanctuary (mainly Hong Kong) will be too far away for brief visits.

They are also reasons why I might be more compelled to blog over the coming months