Monday, March 09, 2009

More translations of My Songs

What Happens

According to the fire in my head, I'd better not believe
the freshest ideas or the ancient wisdom
I eavesdrop every night, for the music that might enlighten me.

I listen from the sewers and try my best to believe
that I hear the song of angels and see the shining stars
It seems I finally hear the only music that will ever affect me.

In books and on the road I've looked for this knowledge,
I've dreamed, I've thought, I've heard every kind of music
lived the eternal second and discovered the universe in my hand.

More mysterious than birdsong, more amazing than the waves of the sea,
The most beautiful music is the music of what happens.

More charming than laughter, more eloquent than silence,
The most beautiful music is the music of what happens.

Don't Look For Me
Please don't follow me girl, you're welcome any time to leave
There are feelings I can't express, there are feelings I can't give.
See the emotions I hide, and take them to heart,
don't look for me darling.

You're looking for a dashing young gent, you only see him when you close your eyes
You watch him ride a white horse while sniffing roses.
Only when you doubt everything can youi finally feel on top of the world,
don't look for me darling.

You would like to learn from a hero, what adulthood's really like,
You believe in the purity of youth, You are really looking forward to eulogising it.
Don't let traditional moral values prevent you from evelving,
don't look for me darling.

You thought my mind had touched your perfect body,
but your soul I can't see, your heart I can't understand.
You have an opportunity to start a fresh life, lose me in the polluted wind,
don't look for me darling.

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