Friday, March 13, 2009

Room Wonderful

I spend a lot of time posting and talking about things I don't like. The Grammar school I went to, the people who run the first University I went to, some unethical organisations that have employed me, the various dickheads, wankers and jerks any observant human being runs into during the day.

Those things all belong in Room 101 and I don't regret writing about them. But I should post about some of the things I've been unusally lucky to have since the turn of the Millenium.

Good Teachers I've been blessed with well over a dozen fine teachers. They weren't bullies, they weren't perverts, they weren't egomaniacs, they weren't the kind of snake-oil salesman that would tell you that success in their particular subject (thus boosting their reputation) was an indispensible ticket to success in later life.

They simply presented us with information and then got out of the way.

Slapstick comedy A better explanation of this is to watch the ending of Woody Allen's Hannah and her Sisters. My own explanation is "I fucking love slapstick comedy."

Dirty jokes In the words of Tommy Tiernan, the English language is like a wall between me and the world, and the word fuck is my chisel.

Libraries They're clean and convenient, you can't catch VD, they're available any time and they're absolutely free.

Laowai Blogs It's really what makes the Laowai experience liveable for me. Admittedly, some bloggers are twisted mother fuckers, but they're still fun to read.

Cyberslacking It makes my learning process very fragmentary, which suits me fine.

Any more? suggestions welcome

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MyLaowai said...

Martini's make it all worthwhile. Plus the cheap cigarettes.