Sunday, February 28, 2010

I suppose I should form a response to my previous post

This is an essay by a guy convinced that other people are perverts. Immediately, the words Travis and Bickle spring to mind: a man who can't see his own perversion. Words like 种族主义 (racism) and 法西斯主义 (fascism) are seldom used in public discourse in China, but that doesn't mean they don't have a huge part to play.

Near the beginning he says "As a Chinese scholar..." does anybody seriously think this guy s a scholar?

Notice that in the essay, the words, white, western, and foreign are all interchangeable, and he never explores the meaning of any. Chinese girls who make a fuss over us just because of what we represent are inarguably degrading themselves, but he never asks the question, isn't it also degrading to us whiteys, westerners and foreigners? And at least 50% of all the aggressively friendly 崇洋媚外 people who I've had to deal with in my 3 years have been male: at least.
He never questions whether nationalism, racial prejudice, social conservatism, and misogyny are good or bad things. His essay is all of those things and more.

Why is this article not on Chinasmack or any other English site? Why has it had so little attention from the expat community or the international media? I find it very disturbing and very telling.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I applaud his passion--something that Chinese people have a lot of when it comes to nationalistic pride. But this guy who wraps himself in his own naivete is just spitting up on air only for it to fall back onto his face.

-- Hera M.

Kevin said...

The fact that many young Chinese guys are unable to get a girl is a genuine problem.

The fact that many western guys take advantage of stupid Chinese girls is also a problem.

But it will never be solved if people listen to this fraud and parasite.

Kevin said...

This is pretty funny from Chinabounder