Thursday, July 23, 2009

Uncivilised Writing

I wonder if this song is uncivilized. Every verse begins with an extra-linguistic scream, like a hey, an ooo, an aaa etc... but the lines that follow it rigidly rhyme with it. I wrote it myself.

The lyrics translate as:

Hey! We're born in order to feel.
It's what us mammals are good at.

Aaa! We'll all be swallowed by the earth
So I don't allow anything to embarrass me

This planet could silently disappear
Why do you dedicate your life to doing nothing?

Hoooo! Singers are just monsters of egotism
But I don't fail to make you sigh.

Wooaaah! Don't let yourself be bullied into falling in love.
But you're running out of time in which to choose me.

Excuse me, what exactly is history?
Just one fucking thing after another.

If you're going to buried under the fresh flowers,
You might as well sieze the opportunity to overcome your fears.

En! The Universe doesn't care about us.
Let this knowledge liberate you lover!


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Kevin said...

Sorry it's taken so long to reply. I live in Mainland China and am visiting Hong Kong for the day. In China, blogger, youtube, facebook and many other major Western sites areblocked, so I can very seldom access them.

But yes, no problem. I will post a link.