Monday, November 24, 2008

Part of being an adult is to not believe that there is always a power above us that gives a shit about us.

At various times, I have had sleepless nights worried about displeasing the Catholic Church, various academic institutions, and businesses.

None of those organiations is damaged by lone individuals who struggle to obey. None will expend any energy on judging me harshly.

If there is a God, he is clearly not an all-powerful and ever-loving creator who intervenes in our daily lives and judges us if we thing naughty things about the neighbour's wife.

They Students of this University are forced to obey, without ever being given a satisfactory reason why. The people they are accountable to go all the way from their own roommates to the party cadres who only appear a couple of times a year to make lengthy speeches.

To make the best of one's opportunities in such nakedly indifferent and self-serving surrounding is an act of rebellion.

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