Wednesday, July 02, 2008


In one of his immortal sketches, George Carlin ranted about stuff.

Today, I had the end-of-term party for the other middle-school I teach in. The one on the other side of the river (tracks).

I gave a much lengthier speech in Chinese. Last time, the last few sentences were drowned out by applause, but this time everybody listened to every word. In the absence of a guitar, one of the Students held their MP3 player up to the microphone to impovise a karaoke session (in their school assembley hall).

The whole thing is indescribable.

Among the stuff I've been given, there are lots of traditional Chinese stuff, a map of China from a student called Shayne Ward (because I said I would love to travel China if I had the chance), and countless letters, cards and photographs.

It's all stuff that one can never wish to dispose of.

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