Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Piqnique a la plage

Monday was my weekly day off.
On sunday evening after work, eleven of us set off by bus to the South China Sea. It was 90 minutes away and (I think) quite close to the border with Vietnam.

The beach was dark hen we arrived, but after we'd pitched our tents we managed to get the nearby restaurant to reopen. We ordered our dinner while it was still swimming or nestling at the bottom of the tank.

Before going to bed we managed to steal enough wood and dead greenery (and some discarded clothing) to get a fire going. It was like getting back to my primitive side, in rythm with the earth with a lighter and a can of Nivea for Men.

I didn't want to ast any of my beach time by going to sleep.

On monday I managed to alk the length of the beach and back three times, having some of the locals asking to have their photo with me along the way.

Swimming in the South China Sea is electrifying. The phosphorescence is like nothing I've ever experienced, and in parts, the warmth wouldn't disgrace a bathtub.

We also managed to whoop some Chinese lads in football six a side.

Altogether, the beach camping trip as worth the sunburn and the mozzie bites.

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